Jill is an amazing person and trainer. I went to Jill about a month before I was to have surgery, I wanted to build muscle and get my body stronger for recovery. I would not call myself athletic nor have I felt like I have really pushed myself physically in all my 35 years. Jill has been really great about meeting me where I’m at and has also pushed my to go further. Since working out with Jill, I really feel much more confident about my body. I have definitely gained muscle, my pant size has gone down and I actually walk with better posture. Jill has taught me that I can push myself physically and now I love my body. I’m proud of the muscle I have gained and that is one of the best gifts I can take away from working out with Jill. My overall perspective on working out has changed and I look forward to challenging myself more and more. – Amber L.

After the birth of my second daughter, I was eager to get back in shape and Jill helped me find my inner runner. Through Jill’s careful coaching and an eternally positive attitude, I completed two half marathons much faster than my original goals. Jill is a natural coach- she keeps the training fun through variety, she offers support, she gently pushes you beyond your doubts and she celebrates every accomplishment. Even better than all that, she understands pregnancy will laugh along with you when the bladder can’t keep up or during all the other joys mothers face! ~Megan H.