Jill Sinkula’s relationship with the fitness industry is a long term love affair. Ten years ago she embarked on the threshold of womanhood, the brink of early 20’s, unaware of the groundwork she was laying for Belly Up Fitness, her entrepreneurial baby, so to speak. It was in these early years that Jill taught cycling and family fitness programs. Consulting with families about healthy lifestyles by integrating nutrition, fitness and movement was somewhat of a natural calling for the active Washington native. Her position at the gym proved invaluable for the families she mentored. Amidst the transformation, she could feel a spark in her spirit.

“I loved seeing people change not only physically but emotionally and mentally.” That passion has continued to blossom over the years. Now, as a business woman, Jill builds upon the hard lessons of her past and looks toward a bright future, for herself, her family and the growing families she trains.

Belly Up Fitness pools Jill’s education and work experience from various established wellness facilities as well as a plethora of childcare positions including her year in Australia as an au pair. In 2010, Antioch University in Seattle presented Jill with a degree in human development and learning.

Additionally, Jill’s accomplishments include triathlons, marathons and a cycle across Washington Pass. Three years ago during her first pregnancy with son, Vail, Jill ran until she waddled and now she is at it again in her second pregnancy, sharing the secrets of incorporating an active lifestyle into child birth and parenthood. She infuses her days with an educated balance as she runs her health-driven business from the same address in Mountlake Terrace where she dedicates herself as wife and mommy. The common juggling act illustrates the power of our modern day super moms and proves that exercise can always find a place amidst family life. Jill and husband Matt will welcome baby number two in January of 2016.

“Listen to your body,” Jill emphasizes. “But push yourself, keep moving and lift weights. Believe it or not, this is the best time to get to know your body, during the most significant change in your life. It’s expected that, by nature, you’ll know what to do no matter if it’s your first or your fifth, but there are always going to be challenges. Above and beyond fitness, Belly Up Fitness is just about supporting moms.”

Now as a certified prenatal and post partum fitness educator, Jill is using the female will to build upon maternal muscle. For those times when mamas feel defeated and belly up, she paves the path back to self awareness. With Jill’s guidance women are setting the track for longevity and healthy stamina that encourage successful labor and quick recovery. Baby steps and positive lifestyle choices can lead to big results.