Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching

About Belly Up Fitness

As a certified prenatal and postpartum fitness educator, Jill uses the female will to build upon maternal muscle. For those times when mamas feel defeated and belly up, she paves the path back to self awareness. With Jill’s guidance women are setting the track for longevity and healthy stamina that encourage successful labor and quick recovery.
Belly Up Fitness provides one on one fitness support for the health conscious mama. Pregnancy along with labor and delivery is the most physically demanding event women will experience. Physical preparedness is the best thing you can do to set you and baby up for success, “Think marathon training ladies”.

Asessment: First time client assessment will determine ongoing fitness regime. Clients are encouraged to push themselves beyond what they think they are capable of and are supported in reaching their individual goals. We will take this journey together!

Individualized Fitness Session: After the initial session each client will receive ongoing individualized fitness sessions. Clients are encouraged to practice what they have learned and complete take home coursework. 

Ongoing Communication: Follow-up emails will be sent after every session. Emails will include a “check-in” and work to be completed by the next session. My number one goal is making sure every client is safe, and satisfied with Belly Up Fitness!

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